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How is an ceramic foam thermal insulation integrated board produced?

" Ceramic Foam thermal insulation integrated façade board" is a kind of main mineral raw materials such as perlite and other ore tailings, fine powder, etc., which are made by grinding, granulating, sieving, pressing, and sintering and expanding at a high temperature of 1200℃.

It is Lightweight plate-shaped ceramic( Porcelain) thermal insulation products.

The entire production process is fully automated.

There are few quality control nodes and keep stable quality.

The development of new wall materials is the need for energy conservation and emission reduction. At the Global Climate Change Conference, the Chinese government made an independent commitment to reduce emissions: By 2020, carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP will be reduced by 40%-45% compared to 2005.

1. Decorative integrated insulation board has long-term insulation effect.

The system design ranges from the main material to the supporting materials to the construction process to the node cold bridge(thermal bridging) treatment to the construction details. It has more thermal insulation functions than ordinary metal curtain walls(building envelopes) and stone cladding.

2. The decorative integrated thermal insulation board energy-saving system integrates the building.

The similar and compatible pasting system and the main fixing method of the concave-convex fixing system cooperate with each other, and under the long-term system cooperation of the air layer treatment system and the waterproof system, an integration with energy saving, architecture, decoration and architecture is formed.

3. The decorative integrated thermal insulation board energy-saving system(green solution) has good stability.

4. With breathing function, it can prevent condensation, no negative pressure.

5. The decorative integrated thermal insulation board energy-saving system has good thermal insulation effect, small thickness, and low system construction difficulty.

6. Imitation marble paint decorative integrated insulation board use occasions.

Building energy consumption generally accounts for 20% to 40% of the total energy consumption of countries in the world, and our country’s is about 27%, which is equivalent to an annual consumption of 370 million tons of standard coal. china's building energy conservation has a lot of space, and it also provides a good development opportunity for the development of new wall materials(construction materials).