Zanbond Exterior Insulation And Finish Systems -Real Stone Paint

Really stone paint, like the marble, granite and other stone of water soluble coating product, composed by the environmental protection of acrylic resin, natural stone powder and additives.
  • Brand Name ZANBOND
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  • Payment Type L/C,T/T,Western Union
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  • Exporting Port Ningbo/ Shanghai China
  • Usage Suitable for decoration and protection of external walls of various real estates.
  • Description Parameters Technical index
    Product Name
    Water-based paint for walls  /  real stone paint series 

    Model No.                                ZBG-R006 Real stone series                                                               Thickness                                                                 0.3mm~0.5mm                                                                       
    Usage Exterior Coating for home and office                            Special Services             Construction Technical Guidance      
    Packaging 25kg / barrel Delivery Time 30 working days,rush orders are available 
    Certificate ISO9001,CE,SGS  Productivity 200,000 kgs per Month
    Place Of Origin China Supply Ability 2400,000 kgs Per Year

    Product Introduction
    Zanbond Natural stone-like paint is a thick coating composed of environmentally friendly high-molecular emulsion polymer, natural marble aggregates and additives that can form the texture of stone, its appearance is natural, stable, majestic and firm like stone. It has excellent weather resistance, hydrophobic breathability, flexibility and impact resistance. Its decoration has a strong effect of imitation stone and European style, and it is a fashionable decoration material of high-end community, villa and public building. It is suitable for the base layer of mineral materials in the inner and outer walls of all flat buildings.


    Product characteristics

    Ingredients: environmentally friendly acrylic resin, natural granite powder, additives and water.

    Drying time: surface drying time is 2H, solid drying time is 48H (drying time will vary with ambient temperature and humidity)

    Recoating time: 2 ~ 6H (temperature greater than 5 ℃, humidity less than 85%)

    Theoretical paint consumption: 4~5KG / m2 (actual consumption varies with construction loss and decoration requirements)


    Product Features

    1. Natural granite appearance, extraordinary style, colorful patterns.

    2. Good environmental performance, non-toxic and tasteless.

    3. The decoration has a strong texture, various colors are available, and the decoration is rich in production.

    4. High weather resistance, both hydrophobic and good breathability.

    5. The adhesion is strong, the surface does not stand up to sand or fall off, and it is firm and flexible.

    6. Fully sprayed without seams, completely waterproof and acid rain resistant, pollution-proof, and easy to clean.

    7. It can cover the tiny cracks of the wall and resist the cracks caused by machinery and temperature change.

    8. Compared with stone, it can greatly reduce the wall load .

    Application Scope

    It is suitable for the decoration and protection of various villas, hotels, high-end office buildings, financial buildings and other high-end building walls.

    Our Service
    ZANBOND own a series of technological support to meet the customer demand.

    Professional solution team accompany with you from the beginning of the project plan to project design and management,to provide accurate engineering analysis and perfect design as customer demand, comfirm the best solution to you .

    ZANBOND always provide professional, high quality and caring efficient services.we provide pre-sales analysis,technical consulting,and installating guide when we sell,and also after-sale service,one to one professional and efficient service and 24 hours online consultation.

    What exactly is external wall insulation?
    Basically, a system of boards of thermally insulating material that are fixed to the building exterior and finished with a weather resistant, decorative render.ZANBOND offers a professional insulated wall panel systems to meet the needs of insulation market sectors. Our wall systems offer superior quality and high R-values, while providing a modern look. ZANBOND insulated wall panels are the ideal solution to create and maintain a high performance building envelope.

    Why should I consider external wall insulation?
    Up to 35% of heat lost from poorly insulated buildings escapes through the walls. External wall insulation significantly reduces this heat loss, leading to a reduction in annual fuels bills by as much as 25%. External Wall Insulation systems also protect the building structure, prevent deterioration, and overcome thermal bridging and condensation problems. Newbuild In a newbuild instance EWI systems are the most cost effective way of achieving the current & future thermal performance requirements for the building regulations, achieving an internal environment with low temperature fluctuations and low heating requirements.

    What can I do if my climate zone requires a higher R-value?
    Create an ZANBOND System.It is suggested that the insulation effect can be composed of three parts: the first is the self-insulation of the wall, the second is the combination of external insulation and internal insulation, and the third is the cooperation of ground insulation;

    Packing: 25kg/barral

    Storage: Sealed storage in a ventilated and dry indoor environment, away from fire, storage temperature ≥5℃

    Shelf life: 12 months (use within one week after opening the cover)

    Surface drying time: 4 (hours)

    Drying time: ≤48 (h)

    Equivalent thermal resistance 0.78 (m2.K)/W
    Solar reflectance 0.85
    Hemisphere emissivity 0.86
    State in container No hard lumps, even after mixing
    Constructability Paint twice without barriers
    Low temperature stability No deterioration
    Surface drying time ≤2 (h)
    Coating appearance Normal
    Contrast ratio (white and light) 0.97
    Stain resistance (white or light color) 14%
    Alkali resistance (48h) No abnormality
    Water resistance (96h) No abnormality
    Scrub resistance (2000 times) The paint film is not damaged
    Coating temperature resistance (3 cycles) No abnormality
    Water permeability 0.3ml
    Artificial weathering resistance: appearance ≥600h no bubbles, no flaking, no cracks
    Resistance to artificial weathering: powdering Level 0
    Artificial weathering resistance: discoloration (white or light color) Level 1
    Volatile Organic Compound 51g/L, national standard is≤150g/L
    Formaldehyde 31mg/kg, national standard is≤100mg/kg
    Synthesis of glycol ethers and ether esters Not detected
    Pb Not detected
    Cd Not detected
    Cr6+ Not detected
    Hg Not detected